About Us

Our History

GuardX Inc was founded by Anand Chavan and Ryan Minogue in 2015 after spending 15+ years in Big Tech, Hedge Funds, Investment Banking and Startup technology space. Fans of high ROI and Value investing in life, the goal was to deliver value to clients in the space of Big Data and Analytics by providing practical solutions today. GuardX started as Northrop Grumman Incubation company, stayed Virtual, kept bare bones costing. The duo started building Big Data platform for structured and unstructured data on nights and weekends while consulting with large banking IT clients.

The Present

GuardX has grown from the overarching concept of delivering value to clients in Big data and Analytics space to a product and services company with 3 primary areas of helping our clients:

  1. GuardX Consulting for T&M and Fixed Price Projects across Banking /Hedge Funds and various verticals - focusing on our strengths in quality software development and delivery in Big Data and FinTech space.
  2. Staffing solutions focused on Technology, Financial Services and Life Sciences.
  3. Xion.AI - our NYC and SGP based product and business solutions practice focused on Big Data Analytics, Unstructured Data and Machine Learning and Cyber Security for a range of industries from Banking to Legal to Retail clients.

Our Aspirations

For our clients, we want to become the defacto choice in our areas of expertise, with excellence in service, we aim to grow our business with repeat and referral business primarily.

For the GuardX team - "Learning, Earning and Having Fun" - those are the measures we want to score an A+ on. We want to attract and retain the best and brightest in the area of recruiting, distributed big data processing and machine learning. We aim to provide talent with a structure and platform where they can excel and succeed.