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Leveraging our experience in the financial industry and Silicon Valley, we are the first choice for Big Data in Financial Services and Application Security for All Verticals.

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"GuardX delivered value – real big data practitioners that we continue to trust for key projects." – MD, Regulatory Risk Technology – Tier 1 Global Bank.
"Anand and others from GuardX have been delivering big data strategy and implementation for us for more than 7 years – always a cut above the rest." – ED, Retail Risk Reporting – Tier 1 US Bank
"Information extraction system for our semi structured reports was exemplary and easy to use." – EVP, Major Oil drilling corporation.

Sample Delivered Projects

Unstructured Data Analysis Project:
  • Project was to extract information from Oil Well exploration documents which were semi structured.
  • Analyzed 100,000+ documents to train standard ML models like DF-IDF, and our proprietary models.
  • Model adjustments were made on the fly with incoming documents via feedback loop.
  • Information storage / visualization made it a very practical system in use currently in production.
Twitter Project:
  • Needed to guard against book sweeps by prop shops on events reported on Twitter before it hits market.
  • Effectively created a large twitter feed data (~50TB / year) Union with our options tick plant (~200TB compressed / year), managed by a staff of 4 technologist for entire US options universe (~1500 names).
  • Created Domain Specific Language to integrate complex rule into the system for signal strength measure.
  • Large Training set based learning to extract signals on the fly, correlated historically to market movements.
Retail Risk Project:
  • Customer account data storage from 30+ countries.
  • Domain Language based modeling for retail risk reporting.
  • Data validation and enrichment using DSL.
  • Traceable, auditable high performance model workbench built on Hadoop / Spark.
  • Micro Services for SAS / R interaction with Hadoop.

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