LeonardoTM - self-service modeling and execution workbench.

Any Data Source

Leonardo supports a myriad of data sources, from local excel files, to conventional Relational databases like Oracle / Postgres / MySQL etc, to modern and next-gen big data systems including HFDS, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB and other No-SQL Solutions and finally streaming data sources including Kafka, Storm, Haron and others.

Technical & Non-Technical Users

Leonardo allows its users to interact in two ways. With a drag and drop workflow user interface, and with a power user multi-language editor that supports Python and a Domain Specific Language that makes a transition from SAS and other platforms trivial. These two models are interchangeable, and pipelines written in both can automatically generate the other.

Follow Your Worflow

The functional capabilities of the platform span from ingestion/loading, data preparation and scrubbing, sandbox environment, replay, native Numpy and other Python stats library support to analytics and machine learning. Users can pick and choose the features and/or packages that are needed for their implementation and get a customized platform.

Support Multiple, Disparate Data Sources

Incorporate multiple data sources like Excel, Twitter, PDFs, text files and all popular databases to create live reports and dashboards. This includes real-time data streaming, relational data sources, text and semi-structured data, such as PDFs, and completely unstructured data.

Model Tuning

Leonardo includes native sandbox support for model tuning, which means you can fine tune your overall model as the workbench is learning about your data. You always have the most up-to-date data and calculations; if any new conclusions are drawn, we can update our model preferences.

Replay & Checkpoint Support

Leonardo includes replay/checkpoint support for model development and regression testing, which allows the user to see his or her revisions to the model/data; then a user can update or undo changes based on this feedback. No need to panic, we have your back.

Native Big Data Platform

Leonardo is a native Big Data platform build, allowing the software to scale horizontally on commodity hardware. This means that as the organization and workbench grow the sofware will automatically scale, all atop the commodity hardware, as to avoid any extra expenses.

Model Lifecycle Workflow

Model Lifecycle workflow support comes in-box with Leonardo, meaning you can custom build your organization's model lifecycle right into the workbench. If your organization has a certain structure or workflow, we can make sure that Leonardo is customized to shadow your procedures.

Easy Data Export

Export the model output into several popular frameworks and/or formats including Relational Databases, HDFS, Excel, PDF and others. This means that after you perform your calculations and analyses you can be confident that you'll be able to demonstrate your findings in whichever format you are most comfortable.