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From scattered, unmanaged data to analytics, custom dashboards and reports.

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What do we do

We enable you to take multiple data sources like Excel, Twitter, PDFs, text files and all popular databases including Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, MongoDB and create live reports, dashboards with prebuilt and custom analytics. We have a licensing free, self-service platform which means you can build these reports without any IT involvement.

How do we do it

Just point us to your existing data sources, work with us to define your processes and we will deliver a implementation tailored to your needs. 90% of the code is pre done, we just customize it on the fly. Once you have a template system in place you can customize or build new reports and dashboards without engaging us.

Who Uses Us

Our platform is in use in multiple Tier 1 Banks for CCAR, Basel, real time risk and PNL calculations across Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking. Warm references available on request. Our platform is also in use by Food business companies from large scale to startups for market research.


Typically we reduce implementation time by a factor of 2 to 3. With your self service model and exceptional delivery, your overall cost is 1/2 to 1/3 of what a typical high end services company will cost.

Yet Another Visualizer!

While we excel at visualization, what we are offering is far beyond reports, charts and dashboards. With secure data governance in place we give you a turneky well managed data store. With flexibility to script your own analytics we give you a platform to take your custom calculations to the data rather than worrying about getting data organized to run your calculations. There are many other benefits, talk to us to explore.

Deployment & Storage

Deployment & Storage
  • Provide full flexibility of deployment.
  • Comprehensive Security built into your solution.
  • Deploy on our cloud for high performance, cost-effective and fully supported solution. Elastic resources to meet your changing needs.
  • We can deploy at your data center to allow you full control and flexibility of your environment.
  • Support for hybrid deployment model - cloud and in-house hosting.


  • Built-in ingestion accelerators for disparate data sources
  • Costless replacement of processing frameworks.
  • Batch support: Plugin to your Autosys or legacy schedulers or use Oozie or our custom scheduler for enhanced controls.
  • Realtime Stream Processing: Choose the best of breed solution based on your requirements.Spark, Flink, Ignite ..
  • Implement your enrichment / aggregations / business rules on demand, scheduled or at ingestion without any code changes.

Data Interaction

Data Interaction
  • data exploration, discovery, analytics and predictive modeling.
  • support Tableau, Zepplin and custom visualization tools.
  • browser based UI for reporting, analytics and rapid development.
  • empower your business users - manage business rules and functionality without writing code.
  • intuitive GUI and extensive scripting support.

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