Cybersecurity - reduce your cyber risk by providing penetration testing services, cybersecurity advisory services and staff cyber training.


Align your technology strategy and requirements with the performance of your business by understanding people, processes and technology in your security program.

Penetration Testing

Understand the status of your current system by applying penetration testing to understand what you need.


We train your staff and employees so that they can learn how to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities.

What We Do

Incorporate multiple data sources like Excel, Twitter, PDFs, text files and all popular databases in create live reports and dashboards with pre-built or custom analytics.

How We Do It

You just point us to your existing data sources and work with us to define your processes; we'll do the rest to deliver an implementation tailored to your needs.

Who Uses It

Our platform is in use by multiple Tier 1 Banks for CCAR, Basel, real-time risk and PNL calculations across Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking. Our platform is also in use by food business companies from large-scale to startups for market research.


Typically we reduce implementation time by a factor of 2 to 3. With our self-service model and exceptional delivery, your overall cost is 1/2 to 1/3 of what a typical high-end services company would cost.


With secure data governance in place we give you a turnkey, well-managed data store. With flexibility to script your own analytics, we give you a platform to take your custom calculations to the data rather than worrying about getting data organized to run your calculations.

Machine Learning

Analytics and machine learning tailored to your data, with all of the work done on premises. From KYC to AML to trading opportunities evaluation, our machine learning solutions built on structured and unstructured data give you a measurable edge

Deployment & Storage

Provide full flexibility of deployment with comprehensive security built into your solution. You can deploy on our cloud for high-performance, cost-effective and fully supported solution with elastic resources to meet your changing needs or deploy at your data center to allow you full control of your environment with support for a hybrid deployment model hosted in-house or in the cloud.


Built-in ingestion accelerators for disparate data sources with cost-free replacement of processing frameworks. This includes batch support, where we plug into your Autosys or legacy schedulers or use Oozie or our custom scheduler for enhanced controls; and real-time stream processing, where we choose the best of breed solution based on your requirements - Spark, Flink, Ignite - and implement your enrichment, aggregations and business rules on demand, scheduled or at ingestion, without any code changes.

Data Interaction

Visionary gives you access to data exploration, discovery, analytics and predictive modeling. This includes support for Tableau, Zepplin and most custom visualization tools. Our solution provides a browser-based UI for reporting, analytics and rapid development, giving you an intuitive GUI and extensive scripting support. This empowers your business users to manage business rules and functionality without writing code.