2017 showed some big hiring, 2018 is looking bigger! There is extreme pickiness in hiring though. Good hiring managers have realized that with increasing software complexity average talent won’t cut it. Strong talent is charging a hefty premium and getting paid for it big time. If you are good with data structures, algorithms, distributed processing, problem-solving and for senior roles – team leadership/ strategy/technology valuation/people management .. 2018 is your year, lock it in!

Here are the dominating trends we are seeing in the job market:

  1. Big Data continues to be an exciting technology space for banks to build on. Lots of disappointment all around with Hive / Impala / Pig / Phoenix / Kudu .. name your favorite vendor silver bullet which will make big data magically simpler. Big data is a combination of three key areas which are frequently misunderstood:
    1. Conceptually it is a big table (https://research.google.com/archive/bigtable.html ) a.k.a sparse Distributed map and not a relational database.
    2. Distributed systems are difficult to build, even harder to scale and the talent that understands it is difficult to source. If you want to do it right, hire the right people. To find right people use recruiter who code these systems actively – contact anand@guardxinc.com 🙂
    3. Event processing is complex work. Been true since the early days of single threaded, single machine lock-free structures and ring buffers, even more difficult with “network as compute” model. Requirements: If you have built event processing systems either from scratch or using Kafka/Haron/Storm .. name your favorite system – contact anand@guardxinc.com immediately for extremely attractive opportunities in US.
  2. Significant investment continues to go into risk and finance IT hiring in Investment Banks. FRTB implementation has been delayed by two years as most financial institutions continue to be behind to ball in this space. Requirements: Software engineers / Quant Developers/data validation engineers with experience in Valuation, risk, scenario, data analysis automation are in strong demand. Contact anand@guardxinc.com for openings we are currently working for clients.
  3. AI / ML – Super hot area across multiple domains in banking as well as general technology / other areas. Requirement: If you know deep learning (supervised/unsupervised / reinforcement) well it’s pretty much name your price. Deep knowledge is key, anyone can run a logistic regression model but if you can explain the entire rationale behind it and make it work on a rather large data set then lets talk.
  4. Block Chain – It’s up 1000%, its down 30%, it’s up 1000% again! .. Wild ride and lots of invest in the distributed ledger space. Still in innovation stage in many areas – 10 years on and all we have seen is a coin scheme but if you can code in this space plenty of cash and equity being thrown around, especially by startups. Requirement: Boutique shops/ startups/innovation labs are in short supply on Distributed Ledger/blockchain developers.
  5. Devops – Most companies are struggling with build/release/deploy tools. Expertise in container technology is in major demand. Requirements: if you are fluent in Docker / Kubernetes or similar areas let’s talk!
  6. In-Sourcing: With rising uncertainty in the H1B landscape with an imminent crackdown on H1B abuse (long overdue, about time!) there is a strong hedge from institutions to move jobs to low-cost centers in US. If you are in or open to affordable living, warm climate, shorter commute, less hassle and generally higher quality of life in Carolina’s / Texas / Florida requirements abound at all levels,
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    reach out to us: anand@guardxinc.com


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