Machine Learning Engineer

Job Location

On Site

Published By

Anand Chavan

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

September 14, 2020

About the job

Build predictive models with Decision trees, K-means cluster, Bayesian inference, and Neural Networks
Develop, validate, and implement newly created models into production.
Work in collaboration with engineers, quantitative researchers, traders to deliver ML-based solutions.


  • PhD from a leading university in mathematics, statistics, computer science or a similar quantitative field

  • with Publications.

  • 2+ years of professional industry experience in predictive modeling.

  • Extensive Python programming including experience with NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and SciKit-learn.

  • Experience with Neural network packages such as TensorFlow, Keras etc.

About us

GuardX is working directly with a well established high-frequency trading firm located in Midtown Manhattan in the search for a Machine Learning Engineer. The role will focus on predictive analytics that will facilitate better forecasting trading strategies.

The firm is first most known for its people and diverse culture. From an early adoption, the company had the vision to create a workplace where employees came first before anything else. This culture still remains despite being established in early 2010 and has one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

A group of dedicated scientists and mathematicians all working together towards creating a leading-edge Data Science and Machine Learning platform from the ground up in an industry that heavily relies on information and data.