Quantitative Software Developer

Job Location

On Site

Published By

Anand Chavan

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

September 10, 2020

About the job

• Building components for both live trading and simulation
• Refining, and increasing automation and robustness of the research infrastructure including alpha estimation, risk modeling, and backtesting components
• Maintaining and updating the platform, ensuring its stability, robustness, and security
• Developing robust data checking and storage procedures
• Troubleshooting and resolving any systems related issues and handle the release of code fixes and enhancements


·  Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or other quantitative discipline

·  3+ years of experience working on the development of systematic trading and research systems

·  Proficiency in Python is preferred, but experience with C++ is also acceptable

·  Experience developing and supporting live production systems

·  Experience implementing trading engines that support intraday futures trading

·  Good communication skills

·  Strong analytical skills

·  Motivated and self-driven

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